High Altitude Platform Solution

Abside’s innovative networking hardware enables
HAPS to transmit 4G LTE & 5G.

At a Glance

BYOD - Proven Compatibility with 4G COTS Modems

5G *In Development

4 Simultaneous Active Cells @ 2T2R Integrated antenna for maximal TX and RX performance

Over 500,000 Users Connected Over 24 TB User Data Served Proven air-to-ground communications

The Basket.

The Abside Networks High Altitude Platform Solution (HAPS) is based on 7+ years, 3+ generations of development, and is a proven solution with over 700 units produced and fielded. Our solution has served over 500,000 users in cooperation with Google Loon.

The Abside HAPS is a complete LTE eNodeB including both the RRH and BBU and the antenna unit in a single unit called a basket.

Tech Specs


LTE Band 20

LTE Band 28

Up to 10 MHz Channel Bandwidth


5G NR Band n20

5G NR Band n28

*In Development

RF Solution

2 Sectors per basket, 2 Baskets per balloon (pictured)

Each Sector is 2T2R MIMO with Integrated Dual Slant Polarization Antenna.

TX Power

Each Sector is 2 x +5W (+37 dBm per Transmitter)

Basket total of 4 x +5W

4G LTE Range

Proven 4G LTE connectivity and data transfer to COTS UE (phone) at 45+ miles

5G NR Range

*5G NR Range Test Pending

Temp Range

-40 to +70 °C


7.5 kg

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