Go Long! with RF-Retina™ Technology
5G Coherent Massive MIMO AAU

Realize 5G's Full Potential of Long Range and High Throughput with Multiple Beams
Available in both Commercial (FCC) and Government (NTIA / NATO Band IV) Spectrum
Full end-to-end 5G O-RAN compliant systems designed & built in the United States
Enabling Secure, Scalable, Fully Private 5G SA Networks


US Telecom Infrastructure Reborn

Abside Networks, Inc., headquartered in Concord, MA, creates innovative hardware & software networking products for large companies and government organizations with a focus on 4G LTE & 5G and other RF technologies. The Abside Networks team is supported by multiple serial entrepreneurs and includes: a principal investigator (PI) and multiple team members for the DARPA WNAN / AWNS revolutionary hardware platform as well as veterans from large networking companies such as Nokia, Affirmed Networks, and Cisco. The team’s combined experience includes: RFIC & ASIC design, tunable filters, antenna design, RF communication hardware component design, FPGA design, supported through an extensive embedded Linux development experience. The Abside team also includes seasoned industry veterans from companies including IBM, Siemens, Yamaha, Cobham Defense and organizations such as MITRE and MIT Lincoln Labs enabling full scale end-to-end ODM productization with KPI tracing. Our diverse team applies its wealth of experience to every aspect of our problem solving, design, production, delivery, and life cycle support.


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