Full end-to-end LTE systems in non-3GPP bands.

Abside Networks is a U.S. based (design & manufacture) RAN and UE company. Abside Networks’ unique capabilities set includes designs with both certified LTE chipsets and the firmware to program them as well as an industry standard eNodeB / EPC stack (tested against both Android and iOS devices).

Abside Networks’ largest clients include both a Fortune 10 company and the U.S. government.

Abside Networks - What We Make

Abside Networks is a technology innovator and leader in spectrally efficient and flexible LTE solutions in non-3GPP frequencies. Since 2013, Abside has developed and delivered multiple generations of LTE communication systems.

Abside’s Interference Detection and Cell Frequency Relocation™ (ID-CFR™) provides the ability to recognize channel interference and dynamically relocate resources to other more available channels via dynamic spectrum access (DSA) technology. Abside’s Flexible LTE Spectrum™ (FLS™) Technology provides maximal use of available frequencies through maximizing of uplink bandwidth thereby enabling the most efficient upload of video.

Abside Networks, Inc. was founded in September 2012. Abside's mission is to become a major supplier of private wireless network equipment. Abside started by specializing in the design of custom RF front-ends for 4G LTE base-stations for large customers deploying public networks. Gaining momentum through success, Abside started its own product lines, targeting private networks with specialized and non-3GPP 4G & 5G LTE products.

Executive Team and Advisory Board

Laurent Perraud


Laurent started in the field of material science at IBM TJ Watson Research Center where he engineered nano-porous materials used in today's silicon chips. At Newlogic Technologies, a WiFi startup, he quickly became a key contributor in RF chip design and RF system engineering (NewLogic was successfully purchased by WiPro in 2005). Laurent then joined the M/A-COM R&D group to become the technical lead of the DARPA WNAN / AWNS program, dedicated to building the next-generation handheld radio for soldiers and designed to operate at any frequency from 1 GHz to 6 GHz even in the presence of heavy interference. Laurent's leadership, dedication, and hard work produced numerous technological innovations in RF tunable devices and system architecture that were recognized by a Technology Fellow position reached within 6 years. Laurent is convinced that tunable RF technologies will be required to reduce the cost of communications systems for the worldwide global markets, from custom wireless solutions to infrastructure based solutions. Laurent holds a M.Sc. Physics from Ecole Polytechnique (Paris) [First Prize Award from the Physics department], 1998 and a M.Sc. Communications ENST (Paris) 2000. Laurent holds 10 US patents and has published several articles in the fields of material science, device modeling, and RFIC designs.

Douglas Hutchison

VP Marketing & Sales

Doug started working with digital tactical communications systems in the late 90's while serving as a US Navy SEAL where he participated as the lead communicator, systems engineer and tester working to transmit real time tactical imagery from the field over limited SATCOM connections. Doug established himself through the next fifteen years having provided a mix of systems engineering, information systems designs and optimizations and has sustained operating experience in both the classified and unclassified environments. Doug led several successful multi-million dollar tactical communication systems sales efforts with multiple clients where he learned the pressing needs and challenges of successfully connecting to and serving disadvantaged users in the field. Doug holds a BS in Organizational Leadership and Management from Regent University 2007.

Mike Cassidy

Strategic Advisor

Mike Cassidy is a Vice President at Google. He was the Project Leader on the GoogleX Project Loon (balloon-powered Internet for everyone). Prior to joining Google, Mike was the Co-Founder and CEO of four start-ups: Ruba, Xfire, Direct Hit, and Stylus Innovation. Ruba helps travelers share their favorite places and was acquired by Google. Xfire helps gamers play online with their friends and was acquired by MTV for $110 million. Direct Hit is a revolutionary search engine whose customers included MSN, Lycos, AOL, etc. and was acquired by Ask Jeeves for $500 million. Stylus Innovation’s flagship product is computer telephony software Visual Voice. Artisoft acquired Stylus for $13M. Mike has a BS/MS in Aerospace Engineering from MIT, graduated from Harvard Business School and has studied jazz piano at Berklee College of Music. Mike has been an advisor to From the Top, Jazz at Lincoln Center, Endeavor.org, and numerous startup companies. Mike was selected for the DEMO Lifetime Achievement Award, nominated for a Webby award, and named a Forbes E-gang Trendsetter. Mike's startup products have won PC Magazine’s Top 100 Websites, Computer Telephony Product of the Year, CNET Editor’s Choice, PC Magazine’s Editor’s Choice, and many other awards.

John Vaughan

Strategic Advisor

Dr. John Vaughan is the president and owner of John Vaughan LLC (established 2013) in Massachusetts where is a private consultant to commercial and government clients. John was previously Vice President for Harris Corporation from 2009-2013 where he was responsible for leading marketing and business development for Public Safety Land Mobile Radio (LMR) systems division while developing and executing launch strategy for the company's next generation solutions into new global markets (broadband solutions over LTE networks & push-to-talk solutions over cellular networks). John was a Senior Vice President and General Manager at Tyco Electronics from 2007-2009 where he launched, grew, and led company's new LMR systems business. John received his doctorate at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his Bachelor of Science at Boston College. John has published various wireless industry articles and has several patents and applications.